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I am so grateful for my knee replacement...

Dear Dr. Kassab,


I am so grateful for my knee replacement recovery with your care, comapssion and expertise.  The joint club was so helpful and you rate a 10/10 with me.

He's kind,considerate,courteous towards others...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

He's kind, considerate, courteous towards others.  He sits and listens to his patients.  He cares about others problems.  He's very polite and sits and explains to his patient what his prcedures will be.  He's a very excellent surgeon and a well liked man.

Debra's Journey

Debra had her knee replaced by Dr. Joseph Ward and was able to fulfill her goal of climbing the south tower of the Mackinac Bridge.  

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You don't have to live with joint pain!

Debra is one of thousands of OSOC patients that are enjoying the activities they love after joint replacement surgery.   


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Life after hip replacement

One year after hip replacement hiking crack in the wall of Slot Canyon Sara Park, Lake Havasu, AZ. 

Mary H.

234 Holes Played

Dan had both of his knees replaced one year earlier. Here is a letter documenting his progress. 

I thank you everyday...

Dear Dr.Kassab,

I thank you every day.  My knee replacement is 14 years old and the X-rays show it looks just like the day you put it in.  You have given me more time to do things with my great grandchildren.  Your manners, personality and bedside manner are impeccable.  Your a kind and gentle man and I thank you so much for your friendliness.

Thank you for your top rate professionalism...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

Your evaluation of my knee for outside VA opinion, greatly helped my care at the VA hospital.  Thank you for your top rate professionalism.

Everything has gone better...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

Thank you for making my second knee replacement by you even a better experience than my first.  Everything has gone better.  Thank you for truly caring about your patient.

I thank God for leading me to Dr. Safa Kassab...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

I thank God for leading me to you.  I thought I would end up in a wheel chair.  You have given me a new life to look forward to.  Thank you Dr. Kassab.

Thank you for using your knowledge, skill and ability on my behalf...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

Thank you for using your knowledge, skill and ability on my behalf.  Your kindness and generosity make you a very special doctor.