You are the warmest people I have ever had the pleasure meeting...

Dear Dr. Kassab and staff,

You are the warmest people I have ever had the pleasure meeting.  I had a left total knee replacement and it has given such relief.  I don't know why it took me 25 years but I'm so glad it did because you are the best and your staff couldn't be better!  Joann, you are the most understanding person, thank you guys again and again!

I thank God for leading me to Dr. Safa Kassab...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

I thank God for leading me to you.  I thought I would end up in a wheel chair.  You have given me a new life to look forward to.  Thank you Dr. Kassab.

She has told me several times what a remarkable surgeon I had...

Dear Dr. Bahu,

A quick note to let you know how one of your favorite patients is doing.  My therapist is very impressed with my progress.  She stretches and massages 10-15 minutes before she starts therapy.  Mobility is excellent and she works very hard on the strength.  She has told me several times on what a remarkable surgeon I had.  Of course, I knew that.  I have also started pool therapy 20-25 minutes a day.  No pain since I came down here.  Hope you will be satisfied with my progress.  See you in April.  I'm ready for golf in May.  Florida weather has been beautiful!

I thank you everyday...

Dear Dr.Kassab,

I thank you every day.  My knee replacement is 14 years old and the X-rays show it looks just like the day you put it in.  You have given me more time to do things with my great grandchildren.  Your manners, personality and bedside manner are impeccable.  Your a kind and gentle man and I thank you so much for your friendliness.

It is easy to love a person like you...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

It is easy to love a person like you for the love and care you put into your work to make people feel that they have a better life to look forward to.

Life after hip replacement

One year after hip replacement hiking crack in the wall of Slot Canyon Sara Park, Lake Havasu, AZ. 

Mary H.

He's kind,considerate,courteous towards others...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

He's kind, considerate, courteous towards others.  He sits and listens to his patients.  He cares about others problems.  He's very polite and sits and explains to his patient what his prcedures will be.  He's a very excellent surgeon and a well liked man.

I should have listened to you several years earlier...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

As you know, or should know, you'll always be my hero! The Knee God!  Should have listened to you several years sooner.  You ended my horrible pain and I'll be forever grateful!  And thanks to one of your colleagues fine inspiration, I now have 65 less pounds on those knees!

Michelle's Story

March 13, 2014


Dear Dr. Matt Bahu,

I hope that all is going well with your practice! I just wanted to thank you for the adventures in my life after my ACL reconstruction. Hiking glaciers in New Zealand and hills in Maui would not have been possible without you. But more than that, my experience as a patient of yours reminds me everyday why I want to be a doctor and gives me motivation throughout everyday challenges.

234 Holes Played

Dan had both of his knees replaced one year earlier. Here is a letter documenting his progress. 

I will be forever grateful...

Dear Dr. Kassab,

Thank you for making my knees feel better and removing the pain.  I will be forever grateful.