Do I Need Spine Surgery

Do I "Need" Spine Surgery?

Nearly everyone, as we age, develops arthritis of the spine. Many patients are told that they “need" surgery based on x-ray findings. Rest assured, it is very uncommon to “need” surgery for the spine.

High Heels Can Lead To A Dozen Foot And Leg Injuries

No Pain, No Gain: High Heels Can Lead To A Dozen Foot And Leg Injuries

From the Washington Post

Blistered heels and the minor embarrassment of carrying a dangling pair of stilettos, barefoot, out of the club is generally a small price to pay for women who want to look good. But if you ask scientists their opinion, they’ll tell you the same: Ditch the high heel obsession if you want to preserve the health of your feet.

Is Your Pain Coming from the Sacroiliac Joint?

The sacroiliac joint is located at the junction of the spine and the pelvis. It functions as a shock absorber that cushions against the force of your upper body.  At least 15% of patients with low back pain will actually have sacroiliac joint pain.

Congratulations to Dr. Bahu

Dr. Bahu inducted into The American Shoulder Elbow Surgeons

Dr. Bahu has been admitted to The American Shoulder Elbow Surgeons! 

Clarkston Office

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Join us for the grand opening of the our new Clarkston office at 7650 Dixie Highway on Thursday November 2 from 4 to 6 pm. We will be raffling prizes and signed memorabilia. 

Michigan Medical Report

Drs. Bahu and Kassab featured in St. Joe's Michigan Medical Report

Your Knees. Your Choice

Research reveals orthopaedic surgery has a social and economic impact

Total knee replacement (or total knee arthroplasty (TKA)) is one of the most successful and life-enhancing surgical procedures.

Is Running Good or Bad for Your Knees?

Recent article published in TIME Magazine on running and knee pain. It quotes a study that concluded that short distance running is probably not harmful to your knees and does not cause inflammation. 

Where exactly is your pain?

Joseph Ward, MD

A common question asked by an orthopedic surgeon during a new patient visit is: where exactly is your pain?  The physician may ask several other questions about the pain: Can you point with one finger to the spot that hurts the most?  Does the pain travel anywhere?   

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